An Unconventional Method of Brainstorming by Lukas A. Mueller and Axel Boberg.

Written by Lukas A. Mueller


Most likely everyone has played ‘telephone’, also known as ‘Chinese whispers’ in British English, a children’s game in which the first player whispers a phrase or word in someone else’s ear and they, in turn, repeat the latter. The last person in this more or less recursive process announces the word they have been told. More often than not, the outcome is very different compared to the initial word. The result is comparable to the described method hereinafter - Subset Distribution, as Axel and I called it back in August 2017.


Any idea is divided into ‘chunks’, none of which should - at best - imply what the whole picture has been up to that particular moment. Now, anyone should be assigned a chunk, which they are ought to proceed developing regardless how trivial it supposedly seems. The foundational principle is to contrive new concepts. Later on, all participants are supposed to gather and share their ideas. The ‘brainstorming lead’ along with the participants’ help, is now supposed to “put the pieces together”, as called in the vernacular.


Worth noting is, that a collection might end up cluttered if not meticulously organized and considered. This might very well prove to be more difficult the larger a collective grows. A personal suggestion to prevent derangements in the first place, or counteract at a later point of time, is minimalism.