Current Situation

Currently, I am a junior at Holbein-Gymnasium Augsburg, a university/college-preparatory school. It may be interesting to know that Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of the Diesel engine, though I plead for electric engines nowadays. Beside studies, I spend my time reading about various topics, i.a. Computer Science, politics and philosophy or programming some projects. Additionally, I play the guitar (acoustic and electric) and write as well, as can be seen on this blog. Irregularly, I also try to study Japanese. I know Hiragana and Katakana and some kanji so far.



  • Aug 9th - Sep 8th, 2017
    • Software Development Intern
    • At tresmo GmbH, Augsburg
    • What I’ve learned by digitalizing a foosball table:
      • Plan architecture (Backend, technologies, etc.)
      • Node.js (REST), Express and for backend
      • Vue.js & Vuex for frontend
  • August 2015, 4 days
    • Graphic Design Internship
    • At cobe GmbH, Munich
    • My tasks at this rather short internship (Tuesday - Friday) were:
      • Cut-out players for the iOS application KKSTR/Kickbase
      • Prepare some parts for the Press Kit of an iOS application (e.g. iPhone mockups)
    • Had to commute daily, which was somewhat unplesant, but bearable

Conclusion: Thanks to these internships, I’ve concluded that I do not want to work at agencies in the future. I am very grateful for these opportunities and for all that I have learnt while being there.


  • May 2018
    • Jugend hackt Cologne, 3-days-hackathon
    • The team was made of: Two guys, two mentors and myself
    • Worked on syncslate, a video-cutting tool
      • Used C++
      • Worked with Open Broadcaster Software
      • Worked with FFmpeg
  • October 2017
    • Jugend hackt Tokyo, 3-days-hackathon
    • The hackathon was part of a week’s trip to Tokyo
    • The team was made of: Two Chinese girls, One German mentor and myself
    • Worked on EUREKA, a VR culture exchange app
      • Used Go and GraphQL for the backend
      • Used Swift and iOS for the “barebone” iOS app
  • October 2016
    • Jugend hackt Berlin, 3-days-hackathon
    • The team was made of: Two other guys, three girls, our mentor Leo and myself
    • We worked on DaDaDaDemo, a demonstration organizing platform
    • My contributions were:
      • Some frontend code
      • Introducing one of the girls to UX and UI
      • UX sketches



Finals exams are coming up in Spring 2019, afterward, I would like to major in Computer Science, preferably in the US or at Technical University of Munich. As of now, I believe I’d like to focus on IT Security, as well as Machine Learning/Artifical Intelligence. What may come post-academics, I haven’t thought of as of now. Working at companies such as Dropbox or Spotify seems worthwhile, though becoming a professor and/or researcher is at least as tempting.


Eventually, I’d love to live in the west of the US, maybe California, alternatively somewhere in Oregon or Seattle, Washington. However, after having spent nearly a week in Japan, I would also like to spend a year or two over there, possibly in Osaka.


  • Pronouns: He/Him/His
  • Music Genres: Funk, Classic Rock, Psychedelic Rock
  • Music Artists: Tame Impala, Michael Jackson, Jackson 5
  • Coding langs: Haskell, Rust, Swift
  • Anime: Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo, Bakuman
  • Politics: Anarcho Communism
  • Diet: Vegetarianism
  • Religion: It’s complicated
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Languages: German, English; Spanish (2nd year, school)
  • Heritage: Bavarian; Sicily-Italian (Maternal great-great-grandmother)